Happy One Year Bookday

Dear Collaborations of Consequence, Happy Book Day to YOU! You came into the world one year ago! You were delivered in several very heavy boxes and as a PDF online. The gestation period for a book is hard to determine. It took 16 years or 15 months or some duration in between for you to arrive.  Bringing you into the world was its own birthing … Continue reading Happy One Year Bookday


Happy Puttyfest!             What’s Puttyfest? Puttyfest is a few days dedicated to celebrating people who boldly choose to follow many passions in life. Emilie Wapnick, founder of Puttylike.com, is the pied piper of multipotentialites and anyone who’s ever wanted to be more than one thing. I found Emilie’s blog a couple of years ago and instantly felt at home. Emilie’s … Continue reading PuttyFest