Emphatic beats dubious. Or how The Blog badgered me into renewal.

I’m changing this blog because I’ve been badgered into it.

The Blog won’t leave me alone.

It wants to be something else and won’t tell me exactly what that is.

This is not how “They” say it is supposed to work.

Blogs are supposed to be written by People Who Have A Focus – a niche like in the wall of a fancy bathroom- containing the few items we go back to every time.

The People of Focus have defined their Audience (also a niche). They speak to this Audience, solve their Problems. And sometimes sell things.

This Blog doesn’t “do” niches.

It’s a wanderer with several voices.

The Blog demands to be written without revealing The Audience.

The Blog assures me there are things to be said, collected, made sense of.

The Blog assures me there is a contribution to be made.

I am dubious. I want The Blog to leave me alone.

Surely this figuring out could be done safely, on paper, in notebooks that never leave the house until they’re burned in the campfire before the marshmallows.

I try that.

“No”, says The Blog.  “You have to get out there. It will be worth it.”

I do research (again) about blogging. I learn what The Blog is not. This is unsatisfying for me and The Blog is not appeased.

I write topic ideas safely in a notebook, on paper, in case burning is still an option.

I try bargaining.

But first what if we settled on…? Could we could clarify…? How about if I start when…? What if I….? Maybe only…? This isn’t a good time. I have a list of why nots. It’s too risky right now. I have other non-optional work to do.

“No”, again.

The Blog is emphatic. Emphatic beats dubious every time. Fine.

This is a jigsaw puzzle given to me without a picture on the box.

I agree to give The Blog what it wants.

I am curious to discover the picture. Curiosity has never led me astray.

Working a new puzzle, always start with the edges.

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