Four Other Valentine’s Day Gifts

Not everyone goes in for the unaffordable expectation version of Valentine’s Day.  Love is worth celebrating.   You don’t need a romantic partner or Scrooge McDuck’s money bin to spread Valentine’s Day love. 1. Give the gift of  your attention. There’s a freedom that comes from conscious, wholehearted listening.  By deeply listening, we free ourselves from the constant chatter in our minds and allow another … Continue reading Four Other Valentine’s Day Gifts


Happy Puttyfest!             What’s Puttyfest? Puttyfest is a few days dedicated to celebrating people who boldly choose to follow many passions in life. Emilie Wapnick, founder of, is the pied piper of multipotentialites and anyone who’s ever wanted to be more than one thing. I found Emilie’s blog a couple of years ago and instantly felt at home. Emilie’s … Continue reading PuttyFest