What is EvaluatedLife?

EvaluatedLife is as much about other people as it is about me. Over time, I hope it becomes entirely about “not me”.  But I started this, so, for the time being, there will be more “me” around here than I’d like.

The questions “How do YOU make a difference?” and “How do you know?” matter whether you run a foundation or a household or a business or a triathlon.   There is value in wonder, awe, and being moved to tears.  Those experiences change lives and transform societies.  Science can do this too.

What it comes down to, is that this blog is a love letter to the human desire to improve, innovate and contribute to the world.

Something about me

I have an affection (and affliction) for evaluation.   I was that kid asking people difficult questions and challenging the assumptions.  It’s not that I wanted to be difficult; I sincerely wanted to understand. Questions come for curiosity and questions keep curiosity alive.

There is connection between evaluation and contemplation…between heart and mind, research and practice. When I was a child we would visit my grandparents in Niagara Falls.  My parents had the darnedest time explaining to me why the other side of that river was another country.  But, it’s just over there. How can it be separate? Think about a rainbow. Can you see where red ends and orange begins?  Me either. That’s how I see the world, clearly connected however blurry those connections may appear.

Whatever wisdom I bring to my work and my life is because I am a student of disciplines that challenge my mind and open my heart.  I started this blog so these loves could play together somewhere outside my mind in a way that is authentic and curious and whole and maybe even meaningful in a broader way.

You can also follow me on twitter: @evaluatedlife.

Disclaimer: no one is responsible for anything I say here but me.


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