I’m guilty

I’m guilty.

I’m guilty of abandoning my blog.

I’m guilty of making a bigger deal out of blogging than is necessary.

I’m guilty of distraction by shiny objects and moving stories.

I’m guilty of over-thinking and under-acting, of distancing rather than diving in.

I’m guilty of information gluttony and not being generous enough with sharing what I love, and learn, and discover.

I’m guilty of being too hard on myself.

No one wants to feel guilty, especially about a self-imposed activity that is supposed to be fun.

So, I’m going to try a new approach. I’ve developed a few simple rules about blogging for myself to follow and we’ll see if they help.

Simple Rules for Blogging (v1)

Lighten up.

Share what sparks.

Keep it short.

Express excitement.

Engage authentically.

Practice balance (not too loose, not too tight).

Do you have simple rules for blogging or other behaviors? What are they? How did you create them?

Wheels by AEHM
Wheels by AEHM

3 thoughts on “I’m guilty

  1. What a great post! I am so guilty of all these things and as a result my blog has become something that makes me feel guilty rather than happy. It’s like a giant wagging finger is constantly admonishing me for not writing, not sharing and generally not doing all the things I know I should be doing. Like you, I spend way too much time thinking, and not nearly enough time doing, mainly because I’ve made it too important. The end result is that nothing happens.
    It’s time for a change – I’m going to use your new rules!

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