No Niche

Most successful bloggers would say you should identify an audience before you start communicating.  This sounds like common sense advice, and I agree with it…mostly.   I advocate testing an idea, using what works for you and tossing what doesn’t so that’s what I did with the “have a niche” advice.  Having an identified audience is fine IF identifying the audience doesn’t stop you from communicating.   The advice to find a niche before starting my blog didn’t work for me.  I was never able to conjure the image in my head of a person whose life I sought to improve, or a predetermined goal I wanted to reach. I tried.

Truth is, I’m not one for “niches”. I’d rather explore than be confined to a single cubbyhole, no matter how cozy and comfortable.  I’ve managed to keep my curiosity for the world in tact, despite (perhaps because of) societal admonitions to find a path and stay on it. If you’re an inquisitive type with eclectic interests and sometimes feel challenged or isolated by those qualities, I recommend checking out Puttylike.  There’s comfort and inspiration to be found there.

I believe we’re all multi-faceted, complex, facinating, flawed beings full of potential. My intention for this space is to reconoitre through material that challenges and elevates.

In the next post I’ll explain more about the name for this blog and some of the journey that brought me here.